Will there be an election?

  • We don’t know yet. Ultimately, the Hearing Examiner at the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board (“PLRB”) will issue a decision that explains whether Penn State’s graduate students are covered by the Pennsylvania Employe Relations Act (“PERA”) and will decide whether there will be an election.
  • There are legal issues the Hearing Examiner must decide before an election can be ordered under Pennsylvania law.

Can the University bypass an election and recognize CGE as a union?

  • Pennsylvania law does not permit Penn State, or any other Pennsylvania public employer, to recognize a union without an election, as can happen in the private sector under the National Labor Relations Act.

What happens if there is an election?

  • VOTE! If there is an election, your vote matters; your voice matters. If the PLRB determines that there will be an election, Penn State strongly encourages all eligible students to make their voices heard and exercise their right to vote. A simple majority (50% + 1) of those who actually vote (among those deemed by the PLRB as eligible to vote) would determine the result for all graduate students in the bargaining unit.

Who will get to vote?

  • We don’t know yet. The Hearing Examiner, not Penn State, will determine who is eligible to vote in an election if one is ordered. If an election is ordered, Penn State will make every effort to ensure that all eligible students are made aware of their voter eligibility.

What can students do in the meantime?

  • Learn about unionization and what it means for you. This is an important topic and there are a number of resources available to you. This website – gradfacts.psu.edu – contains information about the process and what a graduate student union may mean for graduate students and faculty at Penn State.