Comparison of Current Penn State Graduate Assistant Stipends and Benefits and Temple University Graduate Student’s Association (TUGSA) Union Contract

Penn State (No Graduate Assistant Union)  Temple University–TUGSA Contract1
Stipends2 $19,6202 minimum for all disciplines Sciences – $18,6972
Educ., Bus., Soc. Sci., Health – $18,0002
Arts and Humanities – $17,3082
Tuition3 No proration – Full tuition remission for all assistantships. Pro-rated for less than “full-time” appointments.  
Health Insurance
No proration – Same subsidy for all assistantships. Pro-rated for less than “full-time” appointments.  
Health Insurance
Graduate students provide input on plan design and selection of carriers through representation on the Student Insurance Advisory Board and the Student Insurance Administrative Council. Temple University retains the right to change the carrier at its sole discretion.
Paid Leave6 See Guidelines for Graduate Assistant Paid Leave. Up to one week for illness of graduate assistant or family member, or bereavement. Extended leave of six weeks for illness or birth/initial adoptive placement of a child or until the end of the appointment. Three sick days/semester. Above three days, $56 deducted per day from pay. With absence of five days, university may terminate appointment. Five days for birth/initial adoptive placement of a child
Academic7Benefit If union is elected, ALL research assistants, teaching assistants, graduate assistants and trainees would be IN the unit. The Penn State unit would INCLUDE those who derive an academic benefit, including research assistants who are using their research for their dissertation or thesis. Research assistants who derive an academic benefit from their assistantship (e.g., a grade, academic credit, part of a course, or towards a thesis or dissertation) are EXCLUDED from the bargaining unit
Union Dues8,9        N/A Upon written authorization from any employee, dues deducted from wages each month at 1.65% of gross salary8,9.
Fair Share Fees8            N/A Collected from all members if 70% of bargaining unit maintained as dues-paying members.

1 Based upon the current contract for the Temple University Graduate Students’ Association (TUGSA), which covers the period from 2014-2018.  See

2 Stipends listed are for the 2017/18 academic year. See page 31, item F of the Temple University-TUGSA contract at

A “full-time” appointment at Temple = a “½-time” appointment at Penn State.  See Temple University -TUGSA Contract page 14, item A., and Penn State “Teaching and Research Assistantships” appointment categories.

For Temple, minimum stipends by discipline for the 2017-18 contract year (Temple University -TUGSA Contract page 31).  Rates represent a 2.25% increase over prior year.

For Penn State, reflects the minimum required stipend grade 12 for all disciplines in 2017-18.  Stipend amounts per grade have been increased an average of 3% every year at Penn State, based upon available records for the last six years.

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